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When bed bugs decide to launch an attack on your home front, it is best to already have preventative or proactive safety measures already in place so you could make yourself like Gandalf and shout, “You shall not pass!”  But for most unprepared Americans across the country, a bed bug infestation means being kicked out of your home by a bunch of bugs.

Have you noticed bed bug bites on yourself or loved ones?  If you think bed bugs are the culprit, the first thing you need to do is verify this by a professional.  You may be able to do this yourself, but bed bugs do not like to hang out in the obvious spots in the open.  They will mainly be in your mattresses and bed frames; but their reach can also extend to other areas such as smoke detectors, electrical sockets, and the cracks in your floors and walls.  Check the darker, well covered areas of your home during the day and be sensitive to the potential strong odors resembling rotting raspberries.  There may be dark fecal matter scattered around hiding places.

When you know you have bed bugs in your house, your immediate goal should be getting them exterminated by experts.  Although the infestation may not yet be widespread, postponing removal services is not recommended because the sooner we exterminate your them, the easier it will be to efficiently and thoroughly do so without a single bed bug left.  If any bed bugs remain from unprofessional removal methods, you are leaving yourself vulnerable to another infestation.

In order for us at bedbugremoval.net to get those bed bugs out of your worries swiftly, we recommend taking some steps before a bed bug exterminator arrives at your home.  Firstly, remove all your fabric items, (this includes your bed linens, stored fabric, clothes, curtains, etc.) and either wash them in very hot water or as directed by their labels. After drying as well, seal the clean items in bags or bins so that nothing can get in.  Then, clean out your closets and cupboards where bed bugs have been found.  Take care to keep your electronic devices on tables, unplugged and out of the way.  Clean every possible inch of your home with a vacuum cleaner– this includes corners, carpets and bare floors.  Lastly, empty any bookshelves, dressers, desks and take out the drawers but leave them in the room. Wow!  All of these preparations are because bed bugs have a tendency to get into every little nook and cranny you could imagine, and believe us, we have seen it all.

Every situation is different, but when it comes to bed bugs, the worst could always happen.  Our professional exterminators will do what is needed for your home, whether it be heat treatment, steam treatment, or fumigation methods to exterminate the bugs in your home.  We tackle any job regardless of the stage of its life cycle– just like how we eliminate every bed bug regardless of its age.

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