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Bed Bug Heat Treatment Cost

Bed Bug Heat TreatmentOnce thought to have been almost totally exterminated, bed bugs have become a serious problem in many US cities. These tiny, blood-sucking pests are very difficult to eliminate once they infest a home, and they're easy to transmit on clothes, shoes or inside old furniture. The risk is greatest in hotels, apartment buildings and other areas with a high occupant turnover, but even homeowners who've been living in the same place for years can pick up bed bugs at work or in other locations.

Unfortunately, bed bugs don't respond to normal pest control measures. While regular pesticides may kill any exposed bugs, these small, flat insects can hide in furniture crevices, bedding and even books until the threat is past. Add in the fact that pesticides don't take care of bed bug eggs, and you could have a serious problem on your hands. While bed bugs don't carry any diseases, they do produce an irritating, itchy rash. They also make it hard to feel comfortable at home.

One of the most reliable ways to kill bed bugs is heat. Heat treating an entire area will kill all the bedbugs inside, but it has to be done correctly. Bedding and clothes can be heat treated in most conventional dryers, since temperatures of about 120 degrees Fahrenheit are fatal for these pests. Books can be treated by baking them in an oven on low heat, and many smaller wooden items can withstand oven treatment. Large pieces of furniture, wood floors and wooden trim can't be put in an oven, however. They require a special heat treatment that can only be delivered by a professional.

Bed Bugs Heat TreatmentHomemade heat treatments involving turning up the home heating system, leaving the oven door open or attempting to heat the home with propane are not only ineffective, they can be very dangerous. It's important to leave heat treatment up to professionals, who use either steam or large heating devices to kill bed bugs in every crevice of the space.

While treatments of this kind tend to be expensive initially, they can actually save money overall. That's because a single heat treatment is usually enough to take care of bed bugs, while chemical treatments often require extensive reapplication. Conventional bed bug treatments tend to cost between $250 and $900 per treatment per room. Heat treatments, by comparison, tend to be more expensive and cost $2,000 to $4,000 for a single family homes, with apartment prices varying by size and number of rooms.

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